Friday, April 24, 2009

Gabby Gets a Medal

Alex was a tidbit jealous, so he borrowed Daddy's old medal.

This was just too cute not to post.

She's really growing up!

Also, Gabby has lost her second tooth!!!

We are so proud of Gabby! She has been dancing at Robins Dance Studio for 3 whole years! It is hard to believe her third recital will be in 2 weeks. I am so proud of the progress she has made since even last year. She has become quite a little dancer. I went to pick her up from dance last night and was blown away as she was rehearsing her Jazz dance. Their class took turns showing their routine to another class that has older girls (8-10 year olds). I couldn't believe how well she did even compared to some of the older girls. The only problem is, she wants to quit. I don't know what to do. Part of me wants to let her do what she wants, but the other part of me want to encourage her to keep going. I can see her really doing well, and I hate to have her just quit. But, then again, what's a hobby if it isn't exciting and fun for her? We'll see...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

Like Mackenzie's new tray for her Bumbo? I love it! She can now play with toys without my help.
She's busy at work at her baby job.

We dyed eggs. Alex love mixing colors.

Mackenize enjoyed watching from her bouncer.

Easter bunny came to see Gabby!!!

Alex never had so much candy in his life!

After all that chocolate, I can see a denist visit in our future!

Big basket, little girl! Even baby Mackenzie got a little something from the Easter Bunny!

Sucking her thumb with her new rabbit, how cute! She might be a thumb-sucker like her Mommy.

Gabby has her hair in rollers to get all pretty for church.

Matching sister dress, sounds very familiar to my childhood, only I had 3 big sisters, so I got to wear the same dress handed down year after year in different sizes.

Handsome boy! Take a close look. This is probably the best picture I have of Alex in a long time!

About to leave for church.

Daddy's turn.

Oops, deja vu. I don't know how to edit this one out.

We had an egg hunt at my parents house with our cousins.

Here they are with Colton, Caleb and Camdyn. Not pictured (Grandmommy, Grandaddy, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Steve, Katie (My cousin), My Uncle Les, and ofcourse Chad and I.)
Yea!!! What a great Easter! Happy Easter to everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Word Girl & Captain Huggy Face

Gabby is tied up and Alex is saving her.

Alex has that crazy look in his eye again. Oh he comes!

As this picture is being taken, the sword is plunging into my stomach. Needless to say it was put away shortly after.

Every afternoon I let Gabby watch her favorite program on PBS, Word Girl. She loves this show. Why? I'm not quite sure, but it does at least introduce a few new vocabulary words every episode. I think she likes the super hero aspect to it. If you've ever seen it, Word Girl has a sidekick who is a monkey...I forget his name, something like Captain Huggy Face. Anyway, I thought it was sooo cute yesterday that she and Alex pretended to be Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face. They created these little scenarios where one of them would be tied up by the bad guy and the other one would break them free. I just love when they use their imagination. I actually prefer they do this than get out a ton of toys that I end up having to clean up. Priceless moments...when they're not fighting or watching TV. The good'ol days. It kinda makes me sad that in a few months, Gabby will be off at kindergarten and they won't have these days to hang out. So we'll enjoy them while we can!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Doll

We love you Aunt Shannon!!!

We went to church today and I dressed Mackenzie up for church. She seriously is like my little baby doll. I love changing her outfits and getting her ready every morning. Today I dressed her up in a little outfit that used to be Gabby's. There are so many outfits that used to be Gabby's. Although Mackenzie is a bigger different looking baby, it still reminds me of having Gabby when she was little. Chad and I are still debating if we will go for Number 4, so I am trying to soak up this adorable baby stage where you can dress them how ever you like and snuggle them and hold them. It's funny how having the older two really makes you understand how much they change in such a short time. Lately, I have just been truly enjoying Mackenzie and her little chubby cheeks and rolly legs...sigh...maybe Number 4 is in our future...not our near future...but in our future...I just feel it. This can't be the end of babies. Isn't it sad that there has to be a time where you say, no more babies for me. As much work as they can be, I love their smell and playful wide eyes. I love it!!!

In other news, we bravely took the kids yesterday to the mall in the huge stroller to get their pictures made. What a chore this was! I was seriously sweating when we were finally done. It took forever to get one shot out of Alex. He just would not sit still and look at the camera or do anything that the photographer asked him to do. We did get a few shots, but not many. You will laugh when you see the ones of Alex. He looks crazy, but very indicative of a two-year-old boy...shirt tail coming out, hair frazzled with a stinky grin on his face. Gabby's pics turned out sooo good. I can't wait to post them. I have to wait a few weeks until I get the email.