Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Big Move

President George W. Bush Gala
Bye Old House!!!!

Kids can help pack too!

Mackenzie thought walking up and down the boxes was the most fun!

Our New House



Rodeo Day was today, and I thought this was too cute not to post!

These past few weeks have really been disheveled. We moved just after Valentine's Day. Since the move, we've been very sloooowly unpacking partly because I'm super busy taking care of the little ones, and partly because we were getting ready for the painters. We also made a trip out of town to Granbury. Typically we wouldn't leave town for just any reason, especially when our house is chaotic, but it was a special occasion--going to Fort Worth Christian's Gala where we heard George W. Bush speak!!!! It was amazing to be in the same room as a former president. He was so down to earth and laid back. I really enjoyed hearing him speak, and getting to see actual secret service agents around the perimeter of the room.
On another note, the painters are here today commencing the painting/wallpaper removal/remodel. I am tooooo excited! Although it was harder than I thought to choose paint colors and make decisions. It's so hard to know what will look good. I took pictures of the before to share with you. Everything is supposed to be finished at the end of next week. I'm crossing my fingers hoping it will be what I have envisioned in my mind. You know a tiny paint color swatch sure can look a whole lot different on a large surface area. I just hope I won't be disappointed!