Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gabby Gets her Ears Pierced!!!

When we woke up this morning, we did not plan on Gabby getting her ears pierced. It just happened. After our regular weekly outing to my mother and I's favorite lunch spot, Chipolte, we happened upon first a wonderful Candy Store and then next door to Sweet and Sassy. Gabby was thrilled with the whole experience. I was sooo proud of her for being so brave! She didn't even wince or let out a shriek. She sat there in the chair and sat like a little lady. Afterwards she cooed, "Their beautiful, thank you!" to the lady. She picked out, thankfully, very simple diamond look-a-like studs. I love them too. I don't know what I was waiting for. She looks soo adorable in her earrings. I can't stop starring at them. Then to make a great day even greater we went down the street to the children's museum. Needless to say, it was a great unexpectedly fun day!!!

Father's Day/Anniversary Weekend

Alex only liked the frosting!

This past weekend was a two for one kind of deal. June 15th marks our 6 year anniversary and of course it was Father's Day. It's hard to believe it has been 6 years, but when your on your third child, it seems like maybe it should be longer.
Saturday morning, we started a little early on the celebrating. The kids and I got up before Chad and prepared a little surprise: decorations and lemon poppy seed muffins. Later we found out that no one but me liked the muffins. Oh well, at least it was the thought that counts. Then later Saturday, Chad's parents watched Gabby and Alex while we went on a date to the traditional anniversary place: Cheesecake Factory and then on to the movies to see Indiana Jones (pretty good flick) We had a fantastic time on our date: something we rarely do.
As for presents, I received a much needed and wanted terry cloth robe since I'm always cold. And somehow it was decided that Chad would get a grill as a combo anniversary/father's day present. Little did we know, the grill would take most of what was supposed to be a leisurely weekend to assemble it. But once assembled we are so pleased with the grill. Sunday, Chad's parents came over for hot dogs and fun! We feel so blessed to have our families nearby.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Third Blessing

Well, most of our family and friends already know, but for those of you who don't know....we are having another baby!!! It was not expected, but we are thrilled! I am due January 9th or was it 7th....I guess with the third one you are quite a bit more laid back. I just ask for everyone's prayers that all will go well with the pregnancy, with the adustment to three and especially for Alex stepping down from his beloved position as "the baby." Gabby was soooo excited and it's all she can talk about...some interesting questions...but we are glad to share more of our happiness with another child. More updates to come!

Shannon & Mak's Wedding

It's hard to believe that Shannon and Mak's wedding was over a week ago. It's kind of sad that it's over, but I am sure that they were ready to begin their happy times being an married couple. It was a four day event with many late nights for us all, especially Sam and Trudy! But, everything turned out beautiful and special. Gabby got to have her first experience as a flower girl with her cousin Katie. They were so adorable in their matching dresses and hair. As for Alex, he was a little too young for all of the late night activities, so a special THANKS goes out to Amy and Ronny and my parents for keeping him at their house in Pfluggerville about 20 miles away. We certainly missed him, but were able to enjoy the festivities and got to meet some of Mak's family. Overall, it was a great time and wish all the best to Shannon and Mak!