Friday, August 27, 2010

Alex's First Day of Preschool

Alex was such a big boy yesterday!!! He did great at school!

I was so proud of him! He told me that he was a good boy, so I believe him...mostly.

So, Mackenzie and I had one-on-one time together. It was really nice to get to have that special time together. There was short moment when I wished I sent her to school too, but then we had such a sweet time bonding, I knew we made the right choice letting her be home with me one more year. Looking at Gabby, I see just how fast they really grow up. I am savoring every moment of my baby! She reminds me sooo much of Gabby at this age. It's like deja vu. Especially when she wears some of Gabby's old clothes. I love it! It's like Gabby all over again, but different because she does have her own little cute personality. Her new favorite sayings are "Sit down!" or "Get down off uh there!" (to the cat) Precious and priceless moments occur everyday. Today she actually folded her hands and bowed her head to say a prayer at lunch, and said "Men!" (amen) after we prayed. I wished I could of grabbed my camera. I can't get enough of her! I guess that's a good thing since we're together 24/7!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Baby is a 1st Grader!!!!

Monday was Gabby's first day 1st grade! It's so hard to believe that summer's over and Gabby is already in 1st grade about to turn seven next month! Boy, do I feel old!

"Mom!!! Stop taking pictures of me!"

She did fine. I don't think she even notice me leave the room.

Then I come home to two little blankey lovin' TV watchers. Isn't that so cute?

The day was much quieter without Gabby, so we sure were glad to see her come home off the bus!!!!
What a big first grader!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Think Sharp, Feel Sharp and Be Sharp!!!

1st grade is around the corner!!!
-School Supplies....check!
-hair cuts....check!
-realization summer is almost completely over....NO WAY!
But, Monday morning we'll be ready to:
"Think sharp, feel sharp, and be sharp!"
-Don Hooper PhD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Summertime, and The Living is Easy

Can you tell someone had a red popcycle? Nothing says summer like a baby eating a messy popcycle!!!!

Gabby got a visit from her cousins from North Carolina! My sister Erica's kids. Hannah is on the left and Emma on the right.

Getting 7 kids to look at a camera at the same time is IMPOSSIBLE!

Nothing like a little bribe to do the trick!

We just had to bring our cousins to our neighborhood pool! They totally loved going on the slides and high-dives! (So did I...he he ;) )

Mackenzie in her bathing suit!

Alex and William were quite a pair!

This picture reminds me of Huck Finn and I don't know why! They just look like a couple of good ole' American boys having fun in the treehouse.

Mexican Food! Need I say more?


Bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( That's my niece, Keely, to the right)

Homemade ice cream!!!!!!

Trampolines and Sprinklers!!!!!

The all important cousin pic! We made a stop at my sister, Amy's house in Pfluggerville before heading to Granbury!

My favorite part, the tearoom at one of the antique stores we stopped at in Granbury! The food was delicious, but the finds were even better!

Erica and I.

My mom and me

We found this adorable children's wicker chair for only $24!!!! What a find! Mackenzie enjoyed the good deal as well!

We took the kids the the Houston Children's Museum. They really loved it! Can't you tell?

Their favorite part was the little mini-pretend resturaunt.

Gabby was already working her skills as a waitress.

Alex loved pretending he was a waiter too! Thank you Houston Children's Museum! Now my kids have realized their passion in life! JK! ;)