Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break at Granbury

The view from my hammock

My peaceful moment to myself was quickly interuppted by Gabby and her cousins on the hammock.

Girls just want to have fun!!!

Alex and William hit it off great. No one told them to sit together, they just decided to sit with eachother. It was so cute, Alex walked up to William and said, "Hey, William. Wanna play a game?" And William said, "What game?" They never actually played a game, but ran back and forth a lot. So precious!

Mackenzie was chillin' in her Aunt Amy's arms.
This is so sweet. Look how peaceful she is. I have a picture of Gabby doing this exact face on my shoulder at that age.

Here comes the smiles!!!
She is happy that she's dressed in a Texas shirt. Notice she has started to grasp rattles. She's really growing fast!

It isn't often that all of my brother and sisters and their children can come together at one time. It just so happened to work out that way this past Spring Break. We drove the kids up to Granbury and stayed at one of the big houses my dad has built and is for sale. It was sooo awesome to have some breathing room. For those of you who don't know, I have a brother and 3 sisters. Mackenzie was the 18th you can see just how crowded it can be at one time. We usually hang out at my parents other lake house which has only one bathroom and a few bedrooms. Needless to say chaos can occur when we all gather there. But this time is was fabulous. We spread out and enjoyed ourselves. Gabby played with all of her cousins, especially Hannah and Emma since we never get to see them. Erica and Jason came unexpectantly because Jason's grandmother passed away and they were in Texas to go to the funeral. It was a sad time for them, but we felt blessed to get to spend some time with them. There are a lot of pictures from the kids going down to the lake. There was a small "beach" for them to play in the sand and throw rocks in the water. They all had a blast and they made some great memories building sandcastles and laughing with eachother.