Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Mackenzie and Grandmommy at Hula Hut this past Saturday. We went there to celebrate my birthday. Look how cute she looks!! I love that face!
7 years and counting!!!

Gido came over for dinner one night this past week. We enjoyed having him there with us!
After we ate at Hula Hut we took a picture. My parents and Jennifer and Cammie drove all the way from Granbury to meet us for dinner, and then all the way back that night. That's love!
Isn't he such a precious boy! Check out his handsome boy face!!!!
Love you Aunt Shannon and Uncle Mak! Thanks for letting us crash at your house! Also, a special thanks to Amy and Ronny for letting us stay with ya'll on Friday. I only wish we would have remembered to take some photos of the fun there.
Father's Day right before church at Chad's sister Shannon's house.

:et's bowl!!! This year I thought it might be fun to go bowling with the kids for my birthday party. It was fun, but definately interrupted fun with Mackenzie and Alex in tow.
Luckily grandparents were there to help out!

Bowl Sista's. Lexi and I are thinking of starting our own league. We bowl at least a 190 everytime...(scores combined) Thanks for coming Lexi and Garrett!

A family that bowls together, stays together!

Later, Jennifer and Steve met us out at Rainforest Cafe! Alex actually wasn't so scared this time. We sat far away from the scary monkeys, thank goodness.

We have had such a busy last couple of weeks. It has been a good busy though. We've been celebrating first our 7th year anniversary on June 15th, then of course Father's day, Chad's cousin's baby shower (which included a trip to Austin), and lastly ending with my birthday. So it has been quite a fun month. Up next, Disney World!!! Pray for me on that plane ride!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am now a new number. Today is my birthday, the first day beginning my last year in my twenties. What a sad thought. I know it's just a silly number, but it really means something to me. There is happiness in that number, knowing that I am exactly where I wanted to be at 29, but there's also a little twinge of sadness because I know it's the beginning of feeling truly older. I've joked about being 29 all day. It's that age that older people lie about when they pretend to be younger. I am now that person I used wonder about when babysitting as a teenager, with a house overtaken by toys and laundry baskets. It means that starting this time next year thirty something will be in full swing. Scary! I will try to include a clip from one of my all time favorite movies, Overboard, with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. If I can't get it to work, rent the movie, it's hilarious! Being 29 reminds me of a scene where Goldie Hawn, "Annie" asks Kurt Russell, "Dean" how old she was because she lost her memory and after pausing for a moment he responds "29." This is an eighties movie that I used to laugh at in my younger days. Now I'm that number!!! Maybe I'm freaking out a little too much, but to pay tribute to my age I decided to include that comparison. It's funny how the movie Overboard's quotes can very easily fit into every day conversation and reference. Ha Ha! At least I can laugh about my inevitable aging.

Okay I tried inserting the YouTube video for that part in the movie but I am just that uneducated in computer stuff. Instead I'll try inserting a link: