Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter egg dying on Saturday.

The easter bunny came bright and early. Alex got up at 4:30 a.m. to check it out and eat a few chocolates. We stayed at my parents house, so sleeping arrangements were not our normal ones and I think the kids were too excited to wait.

The night before, we swam and hung out with our cousins. Mackenzie loved the waterfall!!!

There's nothing better than ice cream on the porch after a long swim!!!

This year I decided that Gabby and Mackenzie would be matching. This is something I rarely get to do with their age difference, and believe me, Gabby hated the bow, but I thought they were so cute in their matching dresses!!!!!!

I snapped this one right before we walked into church. I just loved the sight of my girls with their daddy!!!!!

Okay, so my pictures are getting scrambled here. This was all of the kids with their stuffed dogs that the Easter Bunny brought to them!!!

Here is after church behind my parents house on the golf course. The kids loved this open space for running and chasing the resident ducks!!!! But, we still attempted some family pics...

Only 3 weeks left!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo ready!!!

The kid dyed easter eggs again at Grandmommy's house.

Mackenzie might have dyed her hands as well!

Then we hunted easter eggs with our cousins!

It turned out to be a real 'hoppinin' easter celebration!

Everyone would agree!