Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disney World 2009

Aunt Shannon holding Mackenzie during the afternoon parade
These first two pics are out of place but give a taste of what disney is all about.

Gabby and Alex aboard the plane. It was their first flight!!! They loved it! Alex said he wanted to do it again after we landed in Orlando.

We sat across the isle.

Our first evening we went to Epcot and Alex insisted on meeting Mickey as soon as he saw him!

Gido made good on his promise to take Gabby to Disney when she turned 5. Thank you Gido!

We took this lovely picture while waiting for a shuttle bus to take us to Animal Kingdom on our second day. I took this picture to show Aunt Jennifer them wearing their Disney shirts she bought them with their names on the back.

We first went to a Lion King show and afterwards we dined at a really cool outdoor eating area. Other than a few near misses of bird poop in our food. We had a good time! Although Chad did get hit on the back by a birdie.

See the Tree of Life in the background. This park was truly beautiful!

Our kids zonked out in the hotel soon after getting home. Little did they know this was only the beginning of several days in the hot sun walking all day a staying up late.

This picture was taken at the beginning of Magic Kingdom as we were entering the park.

As we passed the castle we ran into Cinderella's wicked stepmother and stepsisters. They asked Gabby to sing for them.

Then we went straight to Ariel's grotto to meet her and play in the squirting water.

Here is Gabby on It's a Smallworld.

Alex on Smallworld.

Katie later joined us and we went on Buzzlightyear.

Mary Poppins had a very believable british accent.

Classic Castle Pic

Alex finally wore out a took a nap in his stroller.

This was taken at Minnie's House in Toontown. The kids really believed they were in Minnie and Mickey's houses.

Chad and I felt the Magic in Minnie Mouse's Gazebo.

Mackenzie gets her ears!

Goofy came to visit us the next morning at breakfast.

The next morning Princess Gabrielle was honored to have breakfast with Cinderella and the rest of the princesses at Cinderella's castle!!!

It was like something out of a princess movie. Tiny birds were chirping and hopping around nearby. Gabby really felt like a real princess as the park workers said, "Good Morning, Princess."

We took our special picture with Cinderella.

Snow White and Gabby.

Jasmine and the two little princesses.

Hopefully, Mackenzie look back on this picture and be happy that she met the princesses.

Belle and the girls.

Dreams really do come true.

Gido with his grandaughters.


Uncle Mak let Alex sit on his shoulders for the parade.

Who's that big dork pretending to hold the Epcot ball? Oh, yeah, that's me!!!

Wow! I forced him to take this picture.

This was right before we went to the Luao for Uncle Shawn's birthday!

Little Hawaiian girl!

Katie and Gabby dancing to the music!

In the hotel playing DS. Something they fought over the entire trip. But, it sure did keep them busy!
Last day at Hollywood Studios.

Alex finally got to meet his favorite character, Lightning McQueen.

This was our last shot before making our way back to the hotel to take the van to the airport. As sad as we were to leave, I think we were ready to not be sweaty and hot and worn out.

The aftermath of arriving home.

Have you seen a messier house? Oh, well. It was definately worth it!

4th of July

Nothing says 4th of July like BBQ. Here we are at Spring Creek BBQ in Granbury.

Reagan and I made a flag cake together. I was so proud of how it turned out. Please ignore the swimsuit.

We went to Grandbury's town square parade and sidewalk sale. Alex got a gun that shoots pinpong balls.

Gabby got her face painted.

All three took a 4th of July traditional pose one the front porch swing.

All the grandkids were posing with Granddaddy

Sweet memories!!!