Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gabby Goes To School

Yesterday was the first day of Gabby's last year in preschool. I can't believe that kindergarten is looming in the near future. It seems just like yesterday when I was saying I how glad I was that my newborn was born in September, because it's almost like getting another free year with her at home. Although she will be five is less than a month, it feels good to know she is still my baby that I get to enjoy for one more year!!!
The first day was a smooth transition for her, I am not sure I can say the same for myself and Alex. The last picture was taken only moments before his big meltdown about having to leave Gabby's classroom and the cool car toys in it. I think time stopped as his piercing screams were heard all the way out of the building with all eyes on us. I couldn't have gotten out of there fast enough! Then once we were home, which is only five minutes away, I went about my daily chores and business at home. But, somehow, there was a huge void without Gabby there. Alex didn't know what to do with himself without having his sister to follow around, so he just followed me instead. It was sort of a lonely morning for the both of us. But pick-up time soon came and Gabby was happy with her day. I even had a small surprise on her bed waiting for her when she came home, the new Little Mermaid movie. This is tradition I am afraid that I started for every first day. But, she was so thrilled to know I missed her while she was away. She told me, "I was worried about school, but not anymore." It was good to hear her say those words.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Baby Photo

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....

Well, I have to spread the fantastic news. I am happy to say that Gabby and Alex will be having a baby sister!!!! We went to the ultrasound today and I was floored. I just knew it was going to be a boy. Boy, I was wrong. Somehow I'm wrong with every baby. I never guess it right. Oh well. We now can get excited and prepared for our second little girl. We are thrilled! My mom watched the kids while we went, so on the way home, Chad and I stopped by a little boutique and bought the new baby girl a little something. Gabby was slightly disappointed to hear it wasn't another "stinky little brother," but she then started to get excited for a little sister. We told Alex and he didn't seem to understand nor care. I honestly was hoping for a little girl, but I also thought that Alex would want a little brother. Maybe a fourth is in our future?.....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Daze

Peek-a-boo at breakfast time. It's so fun to watch them play with eachother!!!

My technologically advanced children. (Basically, Alex just wants to do what his sister does!)

Charlotte's Web Party: I have been reading Charlotte's Web to Gabby, one chapter every night. I promised her that once we finished reading the book, we'd have a party and watch the movie. Her eyes lit up at the thought of a party. So she planned that we would have popcorn and drink Kool-aid and blow up some balloons. So a party it became. She really enjoyed the movie and suprisingly, she remembered a lot of the book to compare it to.

We're thinking of trying out a new hair-do. What do you think?

Already trying to be like Dad.
We were prepared for Tropical Storm Eduaord.
Each of them had their own tent with books and games. Gabby's idea.
Just too cute!!!

Gabby snuggling one of Grandmommy's new puppies, Sadie.
No, he's not in time out. He just crawled into the dog's cage all by himself. Sooo funny!
Granddaddy's 60th birthday celebration!!!

I love my twin, daddy!
Well, sorry I haven't posted in over a month. But these pictures sum up the most part of what's been going on here. We have spent many days at home cleaning out closets, playing with cousins, visiting grandparents, having a few playdates and so on. We spent another weekend in Grandbury celebrating my dad's 60th birthday. My sister, Jennifer, made a slide show with old pictures and then wrote up 60 Don Hooperisms. It was a big surprise to my father, and it brought tears to his eyes. It was so nice for all of us siblings with our kids and spouses to be there to honor him and let him know that his Don Hooperisms are still with us today. Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!!! We also had a sad goodbye to the Clarksons who moved to Taipei, Taiwan for a year. But, I have enjoyed getting to hear their adventures thus far.
We are also greatly anticipating finding out what our baby will be. Boy or Girl? It's driving me crazy not knowing. It is something I think about at least a hundred times a day. I want to know which set of clothes to get down from the attic. I want to know which room it will be in, the theme, the color...etc. I want to start calling the baby by name. I want to get Gabby ready for the idea of another brother or a new sister. (She wants another "stinky brother") I want to know!!!! Next Wednesday is the ultrasound. I just ask for everyone's prayers that this baby is a healthy baby, no matter the gender. Stay tuned for the latest news!