Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seven years ago today....

Where are you going my little one? How have these seven years just slipped right through my fingers? I'll never forget the day I first saw you, the look of confusion on your little face, how sweet you smelled, how dark and soft your hair was, how exciting you made life from that moment. It has been pure joy to have the privilege to raise you, to know you. I thank God every day for choosing me to be your mother. Happy Birthday, my big seven-year-old!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cheerleaders, Football Players & Birthdays

Cousin Cammie and Gabby get to be on the same cheer squad!!!

Although they are not on the same team, Alex gets to see Colton and Caleb after practice since they all practice at the same time.

Cousins making great memories!

Chad is Alex's coach. It's pretty interesting...

Cousin Katie's birthday party!!!!

Star Wars was the theme, so Jackson came dressed as Yoda. Isn't he just adorable??

Alex fell asleep in the car before we got to the jumpy place, so Gido held him for a little while while he slept.

As you can see he woke up just in time to jump into the pit of foam.

These two are both turning 7 this week! Happy Birthday, Girls!!!!

Now it's Chad's turn to party!

Happy Birthday Chad!!!!

Chad on his birthday, just before he left for work. Poor guy, he had to work on his birthday.
This month has proven to be extremely busy. We've been running around all week going to girl scouts, dance, and now cheer practice for Gabby and flag football for Alex. You heard right. Alex is now a little sports man. He may not understand ANYTHING about the sport of football, or can catch a ball, BUT he gets to start somewhere and have fun. Also, the practices for cheer and football are at the same time and place every week, so it's better for the whole family. We've only had one practice, but it was great. There is even a toddler playground near by that Mackenzie can enjoy.
We also made a trip to Austin this past weekend to celebrate Katie's birthday and visit Chad's brother Shawn and his wife Yvonne, and his sister Shannon and her husband Mak. We don't get to Austin much these days, so it was great catching up with them. Also, since Longhorn football began, we felt the vibes in Austin on game day. Hook'em!!!
Chad's birthday was on this past Monday, but we had some family over on Sunday night to celebrate, and Monday he and I went to his favorite Lebanese resteraunt Cafe Lili. The food is to die for! Now, this weekend will be Gabby's birthday party. Even though it's been a busy month, we are so happy that we have so much to celebrate. And soon you will see that there is more to celebrate.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

September Update

Well, it's been a while since we have updated what's been going on around here. School started, dance lessons for Gabby, ladies bible class and sonshine class for Mackenzie. Lots of love and family time had by all. Longhorn football has begun, so Chad is pumped every weekend, in fact we went to the first game at Reliant Stadium last Saturday. It was really nice. Coming up...Chad and Gabby's birthdays and a trip to Austin. It should be a fun month. And, little by little we're getting closer to Christmas....