Thursday, December 30, 2010

Think Baby Blue!!!

Well, if you haven't guessed from the title, we just discovered at yesterday's ultrasound we are having a BOY!!!! We are so excited! I am already getting pumped about decorating a precious baby boy nursery. Here are a few ideas I found online that I love:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas To Do List

As we anticipate the BIG Christmas day that is rapidly approaching, we have an unwritten Christmas List of traditions that we tend to follow every year. It usually goes like this:
Attempt to get a good picture for the Christmas card:
Take 1: "Alex stop making faces!"
Take 2: "Alex, again stop with the faces!"

Take 3: "Mackenzie sit still, and again Alex, SMILE!!!!"

Take 37: "Close enough...oops Chad, open your eyes!!!"

Take 77: "Forget it!"

Holidays are a time for loving thy brother and sister.

Gabby has her holiday performance:

We go look at Christmas lights as a family:

This is our yard.
Mackenzie is making her wish list, and I suspect dress up shoes will be on that list.

We make visits to Santa. He came to Alex's school.

Holiday parties at school

Gabby at her 1st grade holiday party.

We always make Christmas sugar cookies!!!! Yum!
Mackenzie got to join this year!

Grandma reads the cousins a Christmas story.

We visit Santa!!!!!

Alex tells Santa he wants a remote control car.

Hey, we're just glad Mackenzie sat on his lap with out screaming her head off this year.

Gabby tells Santa she wants more books for Christmas.

Alex practices his best pirate face.

We just sit make and wait for the big day!!!!
And, we tradionally stuff our faces with every treat we can get our hands on!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Before Christmas tree decorating!!!!

Gabby is hanging up the baby Jesus at the highest point on the tree.

Well, I guess you can tell from these pictures what we've been up to these past few days. We certainly had an awesome Thanksgiving eating, being with family and enjoying time off...however, Thanksgiving always marks the beginning of Christmas season for us. We decorate the Christmas tree, have our annual family slumber party, eat smores, stay up late and drink eggnog with coke. All of this is fun, yet hard work for the parents. But, it's worth it. We are anticipating what's to come this holiday season and finding out what our baby is. So many surprises!!! I love this time of year!!!! Each year holds something new for our kids stage of growing up. Mackenzie is just starting to participate and have fun with our family traditions. Alex wants whatever new toy that is advertised on TV and Gabby is well-aware of what's to come and knows what fun we have every year. We took our Christmas card pic today, and let's just say there were definitely more outtakes than usable photos, but it's all apart of the fun.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall Activities and BIG NEWS

Isn't he cute!? I love my little football player!
Raw talent in cheerleading...just like her mama...he he

Mackenzie was there to support from the sidelines. She was their cutest fan!!!

This fall Gabby and Alex got to participate with their cousins Colton, Caleb and Camdyn in football and cheerleading!!!

Then we went to Dewbery Farms with our cousins. It was fun but VERY HOT! It didn't feel so fallish. But the kids enjoyed themselves.

See the excitement on little Alex's face as we rode the hay ride to the pumpkin patch...priceless!!

The sun was glaring in our eyes, but the scenery was too nice to pass up as a family pic.

That about sums up the trip.

Now, on to Halloween....we had a super heros theme this year. Gabby and Mackenzie were big and little wonder women and Alex was classic Batman.

More special times with our cousins...

I love Gabby's pose in this picture.

I bet all my many readers thought I had given up on blogging. But, I am back. I am back because my life is full of wonderful moments that must be documented. I promise to do so more frequently. If not for the one or two of you that used to read, but for me and my kids to one day look back and laugh at how crazy things were. And things are about to get even crazier....which leads me to my big annoucement....I'm pregnant!!! I am due in May. I am not sure why I took so long to post this, maybe it was my own shock that I might have four children, or denial. Either way, a baby is on his/her way to add to our Dick Family Diaries. This really is great news. We should find out if this baby is a he or she next month, hopefully, fingers crossed, before Christmas. My kids and Chad and I are dying to know. I promise to keep posting in the future!!!