Thursday, April 29, 2010


My best friend and mom and I went antiquing today in the Richmond and Rosenburg area. I have been really longing to do so, since I rarely get to shop anywhere right now with the two kiddos in tow. But, today Alex was at school, so I figured I could handle just the one little Mackenzie, right? Wrong. She was quite the busy one, almost broke a few valuables, but we made it. I was very pleased that most of the things I got were under $10. I think Chad would be pleased as well or maybe he might just see this stuff as a bunch of old junk, but I love the old country style. It's amazing how one piece can transform my modern kitchen into an old historical home. Well, maybe not completely, but almost. My goal is to add one little item little by little to achieve the old classic country style. I've been wanting to go this route for years, but I get stuck with my same ol' same ol'. Since now I'm still moving in my new kitchen, I am trying to be a little more choosier with my accessories. I am officially phasing out the mass of roosters that I have collected through the years. Not that I don't like a few ones here and there, but for a while there rooster was almost everywhere you looked. My next mission--another plate wall with white antique platters.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Say What?

Yes, I took this picture while driving today. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to share this logo. Can you believe someone would even think to name their company this? I have to admit, it caught my attention. But for now, I'll stick with Chad. Ha Ha!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mackenzie Lately

Yup, that's pancake syrup all in her hair!

Her first popcycle. Look at her little smirk on her face. I love it!

We call her "Babe-a-rella" because she is obsessed with cleaning.

Soooo, I went to Marshalls today. Can you believe these cute outfits I got for M? And, each of them were under $15. I love Marshalls!

My sweet little baby girl is growing up! She is literally EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!!! I am really working hard to keep up with her. If we leave the house, it doesn't matter where we go, I have 10 minutes or less before she's ready to get down and SPEEDWALK! I love my active little cutie, but she is definitely putting Mommy to the challenge.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Dying Easter eggs

We made a bunny cake!!!

The Easter Bunny came!

Mackenzie loved her wagon that held blocks.

Gabby loved her soft cotton-tailed bunny!

Alex loved his chipmunk movie!

After church was the egg hunt...

Pretty spring day...

We went to church with Grandma and Gido!

What a cute pair!

This picture was taken right in front of our car at church. We had to park in a field.

Then we ate some lunch....and played.

We can't get enough of those egg hunts!

Pretty flowers!

I love this happy picture!!!
As you can see, we had a fantastic Easter celebration! Happy Easter!!!!