Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabby!!!!

After school on Friday.

After her "makeover" at Sweet n Sassy

Rainforest Cafe

We have had such a wild and crazy weekend in the celebration of Gabby's 6th birthday. She is officially 6-years-old! Friday night Gabby had over some friends for a Hawaiian themed Slumber Party. The girls had a blast. It really brought back memories of the slumber party days. Then Saturday, her real birthday, after her friends went home, we took her to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. Then after, she was surprised by a trip to Sweet n Sassy to get her hair, makeup and nails done. Afterwards, she got to pick out a dress and a new pair of shoes to wear out to dinner at her restaurant of choice, Rainforest Cafe. There, she opened the rest of her presents with all of our family present. It was quite a birthday celebration! But she is such a sweet girl who loves surprises and she deserves it! I got a kick out of when I asked her if she had a great birthday to which she replied, " was AWESOME!!!"