Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chad turns 30, Gabby turns 5

Gabby as a baby. This just a tribute to her five years with us. I still think she could have won a beautiful baby contest.
Chad turns 30, but just look how is still the same ol'Chad in monogramed overalls.

Birthday Breakfast.
Chad's 30th Birthday Bash. Look at this generation pic. Classic.

Finally a belly shot for those who requested.

The BIG 3-0!!!!!

Gabby's birthday breakfast.
As a tradition, we went to Chuck E Cheese for Gabby's birthday.
He loved that car!
Can you see Gabby's face?

Gabby ran up quite a ticket count on ski ball.

Alex finally gave up and just climbed up the ramp to throw them in.

Friday night, for Gabby's birthday, we took just Gabby to the Astros game with her Grandma and Gido.
The fireworks were just way too exciting for her. Seriously she squealed with delight every explosion.
All tuckered out. Even five year-olds need their beauty sleep. Besides, she had a party to get ready for the next day. This year we did something different. Gabby invited all girls for a tinker bell party where they did fairy crafts and got their nails painted. It was a very girly time.

You like the costume? I sewed it myself, don't look too closely.

Girls just wanna have fun!!!

Alex was frightened by the birthday song.

But the cake cheered him up.

Family pic.
Grandma and Grandmommy gave her a birthday kiss.
Here's my big five-year-old riding her new bike that Grandma and Gido gave her.
Gabby had her first sleepover with her cousin Cammie for her birthday. They enjoyed popcorn and watched the new Barbie movie on Gabby's other big present, a princess TV with DVD player.

Phew!!! It's been a long month. If two big milestone birthdays weren't enough, hurrican Ike had to come and destroy all our big plans. We originally planned to have fam trip to Galveston the weekend of Chad's 30th. Needless to say, we made other plans. Chad's parents were gracious enough to let us have the family celebration at their house, even after they had been out of power for several days and had a little bit of water damage. I can't thank them enough for helping us throw Chad a great birthday...even though it wasn't a beach house in Galveston, it was still loads of fun. Then came Gabby's big day. She knew it too. I heard the phrase, "It's my birthday, I can do what I want." about a thousand times. But somehow I couldn't resist spoiling her. Her celebration started with a special birthday breakfast with pink frosting. Then Chuck E Cheese for lunch, followed by the Astros Game. Then the next day, Gabby had her party. ( A party that I would have killed for as a little girl.) Tinkerbell was the theme. Only girls were invited and they had manicures and did girly things like decorated art projects with jewels and glitter. I am still sweeping up glitter and beads. But a fun time was had by all. Every time September rolls around, I am reminded of how very lucky I am to have two wonderful people in my life: Chad and Gabby. I love them dearly and I'm sooo happy their mine.

Monday, September 15, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Gabby did her Aunt Shannon's Make-up. Isn't it magnificant?

We are finally and thankfully home after what seemed like a long, well....it was a long trip. We were one of many who evacuated for Hurricane Ike. We were already planning on going to Austin for Gabby and Alex's cousin Katie's 5th birthday. So, we went ahead and headed up early on Thursday to get out of town for the Hurricane. After sitting in the parking lot that was I10, five hours later we arrived in Austin. First we stayed with Aunt Shannon and Uncle Mak for two nights. We were so happy to finally get to stay at their new house. But, after a couple of nights and no naps for the kids plus the fact that Alex woke up each morning just before sunrise, we were missing home. But, we couldn't come home just yet thanks to Ike. We headed out to Chad's brother's house in Round Rock where our kids had a blast playing with their cousin Katie and enjoying all of her toys. Katie's party was on Sunday where more fun was had by all. After the party and after we debated about where to go and not knowing if we had electricity or not, we headed home. Thankfully as we drove into our debris-filled neighborhood, we noticed lights were on outside the homes of some houses. So we felt lucky to already have power. Our backyard took a big hit. The pictures don't really even show everything. It's a mess! Everytime we walk outside, Alex says in his cute little voice, "MESS!" But we feel like the lucky ones after driving around and seeing trees on people's roofs. Despite the mess and the chaos of finding a grocery store with milk and a few essential groceries, it's good to be home in our own bed. Also, pregnant belly pics are coming soon. I would put one up today, but I am not feeling very pretty, no make up, that sort of thing. Someone I know didn't even recognize me at the grocery store this morning. Do I look that drastically different without makeup? Talk about a blow to the ol' self-esteem. Ha Ha. Maybe just the pregnant thing.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend and More...

Hook'em!!! Here are my little longhorns getting pumped before Saturday's game, which we of course won!!!

Gabby took this picture. Notice her finger in the upper left hand corner.

Chad took the kids out on the Barbie Jeep on Monday. Gabby actually could steer somewhat.

This is just a cute picture I decided to include. To think, only 8 months ago I could barely get him to wear that hat for his birthday picture. Now he loves it!

The next few pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago at Colton's, my nephew, birthday party. His party theme was that he was going to film a movie with all of his friends with his new movie camera. Gabby and Cammie were princesses whose father, the king (Alex/Chad) was turned into a baby. Alex played the baby king, and Chad was the adult king.

Here he is on his throne surrounded by his daughters. Hee Hee.
Red Carpet.
So sweet!

I am truly proud to call this man my husband. He played a great performance in the last two minutes of the movie as the king restored to his adulthood. Does'nt he look just like Alex, the baby king?